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Italo Brothers - Stamps!, 3CD (RE), 2014

790,00 Kč
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CD 1 1. This Is Nightlife 2. My Life Is A Party (R.I.O. Edit) 3. Luminous Intensity 4. Pandora 5. Boom (Feat. Carlprit) 6. Cryin' In The Rain 7. Stamp On The Ground 8. Love Is On Fire 9. Radio Hardcore 10. Upside Down 11. Underwater World 12. Colours Of The Rainbow 13. Heaven 14. So Small 15. Counting Down The Days 16. It Must Have Been Love 17. The Moon 18. Put Your Hands Up In The Air 19. Where Are You Now 20. Moonlight Shadow
CD 2 1. This Is Nightlife (Cody Club Remix) 2. This Is Nightlife (DJ Gollum Remix) 3. This Is Nightlife (Extended Mix) 4. My Life Is A Party (R.I.O. Remix) 5. My Life Is A Party (Ryan T. & Rick M. Remix) 6. My Life Is A Party (Whirlmond Remix) 7. My Life Is A Party (Extended Mix) 8. Luminous Intensity (Extended Mix) 9. Stamp On The Ground (Max Farenthide Remix) 10. Stamp On The Ground (Friday Night Posse Remix) 11. Stamp On The Ground (Fabrizio & Marco Remix) 12. Stamp On The Ground (Extended Mix)
CD 3 1. Boom (Ced Tecknoboy Remix) 2. Boom (Extended Mix) 3. Cryin' In The Rain (Ib Hands Up! Remix) 4. Cryin' In The Rain (Extended Mix) 5. Pandora (Extended Mix) 6. Love Is On Fire (Rob & Chris Remix) 7. Love Is On Fire (Kenny Hayes Blue Sphere Remix) 8. Love Is On Fire (Jasper Remix) 9. Love Is On Fire (Extended Mix) 10. Radio Hardcore (Crystal Lake Remix) 11. Radio Hardcore (Jasper Remix) 12. Radio Hardcore (Extended Mix)
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